Adobe has announced its latest entry-level photo-editing software, Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018, which comes with some interesting new features.

One such feature, which may be particularly appealing to family photographers, is the ability to replace closed eyes in group shots. It does this by using another photo of the subject to blend them into your group shot.

The new software can automatically open eyes when editing your photos, Credit: Adobe

The new update also sees the company moving away from using version numbers – the previous iteration was Elements 15. Instead, versions will be based on the year of release.

The software is generally geared towards those who need to perform only basic edits, and unlike Adobe’s flagship software, it’s not necessary to pay a monthly subscription to use it.

Other features of the software include an Automatic Selection feature, which helps you to cut subjects away from a background with ease.

Guided Edits, such as replacing one background with another, or creating double exposures, are also included to help you perform what would otherwise be complicated edits quickly and easily.

You can easily swap backgrounds in the new software, Credit: Adobe

A big focus of the software is exploring what photo editing can do with the ability to create collages, calendars and scrapbook pages included.

As part of the software, you also get Elements Organiser 2018, which also has some new features. An auto-curate feature helps to sort through the best photos from a large collection of images based on subjects, faces, the quality of the image and more. This could help photographers cut down a lot of time spent sifting through photos in the image editing process.

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For those who need to edit video, Adobe Premiere Elements 2018 is also available. Visit for more information.

Both are ready to download now, costing £86.56 for Adobe Photoshop Elements, or £130.36 for both Adobe Photoshop Elements 2018 and Adobe Premiere Elements 2018.