Sony’s full-frame mirrorless a7S II used to shoot astonishing 4K videos from space.

Sony has shared a variety of immersive 4K (QFHD 3840×2160) clips from outer space recorded by the acclaimed α7S II full-frame mirrorless camera. The footage makes the a7S II the world’s first commercial camera to be mounted outside of the International Space Station (ISS) used to capture video in 4K. The videos showcase the Japanese islands from outer space with footage taken during day and night, showing off its majestic snow-covered peaks and metropolitan lights right down to the differences in colour tone. These were able to be captured by virtue of the α7S II’s high sensitivity performance as well as high resolution 4K recording capability.

a7S ii

The a7S II, which was installed back on 8 February, 2017, was chosen for the exterior platform on ISS’s Japanese Experiment Module (KIBO), due to its sensor, 4K-video capabilities, durability and reliability. Sony announced in a statement: “As a result of various tests conducted by JAXA, it was confirmed that the α7S II possesses the durability and reliability to withstand the unique and unforgiving environment of outer space, including high vacuum, cosmic radiation, and abrupt temperature fluctuations.”

Sample content taken outside of the ISS can be viewed at the “α Universe” official site. The English site also includes the footage of the East coast of the United States by night.

From 400 km above the surface of the earth, the exterior mounted α7S II completes an orbit around the planet approximately once every 90 minutes, recording a variety of 4K videos and still images from outer space. Watch the video above to see the truly awe-inspiring footage captured by the a7S II.