Welcome to Smartphone Picture of the Week! Each week, we select and share the best of your smartphone photography in an online feature here on our website, and on our social media. This week’s smartphone photograph is by Giovanni Mallardo, using a OnePlus Nord 2.

Giovanni Mallardo, OnePlus Nord 2

Giovanni Mallardo OnePlus Nord 2 view of mountain and crystal blue waters

I am a lover of the whole world of photography and technology. Mysterious places are perfect to capture the right moment for photos, you should always have a camera lens with you!

My specialty is portrait photos, but I especially love landscapes! These photos were taken thanks to my faithful companion, the OnePlus Nord 2, which is really an insane value for money! During this time I lost a special person, so I decided to immerse myself in nature and find my peace, and what better way to feel free than through photography?

Giovanni Mallardo OnePlus Nord 2

So I decided to go to Lake Braises in Italy, where I am from. It may seem strange that even at 24 you can still fall in love with simple natural landscapes, but thanks to photography I have the opportunity to explore places I have never seen before! When you travel, take photos! Experience the place and even look at it through the eyes of your camera lens.

These photos still give me the warmth of that day, the sun on my skin and its scents, that’s the point of photography, and I am sure that with such landscapes everything becomes easier. To edit my photos I always use Lightroom, whose ability to create plays of light and color is essential for any photographer!

If you want to check out more of my work, here is my Instagram: @gio567fulltech

Giovanni Mallardo Lake Braises

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