Welcome to Smartphone Picture of the Week! Each week, we select and share the best of your smartphone photography in an online feature here on our website, and on our social media. This week’s smartphone photograph is by Trevor Thrower, using a Google Pixel 2.

Trevor Thrower, Google Pixel 2

trevor thrower nature walk google pixel 2

‘I’m an amateur photographer living in Saffron Walden, Essex. I currently use a Nikon D7200 as my main camera, and I also have a Panasonic L100 MkII. I’m now 61 and I’ve been taking photos since I was at school, starting with an old Zorki 4K rangefinder, through various Nikon SLRs up to a Nikon F2.

I’ve been shooting digital for a number of years, and recently moved from a Micro Four THirds system to the Nikon DSLR. My favourite subject is nature, but I wouldn’t describe myself as a landscape photographer. I prefer more intimate scenes or details rather than wide sweeping vistas. It feels like it’s taken a long time to find my ‘thing’, but this shot simply does it for me. I love times like this when it’s unplanned but the image just appears as I walk.

It was taken on a walk around the village of Thriplow near Royston while I waited for my car to be MOT’d. When I replaced my last phone I wanted one that had a good camera, and although the Google Pixel 2 is an ‘old’ phone now, I think it does perfectly well as a everyday camera for this sort of unexpected opportunity. I took a few photos as I walked, but when I reviewed the images, this was the one that grabbed me. A quick edit in Snapseed and I was happy with it.’

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