Round 4: Humanity

Humans leave their mark in many ways, and in our fourth round, ?Humanity?, we want you to explore this idea. You may be driven to find a willing subject and a comfortable stool, and tackle the time-honoured genre of portraiture. Albert Watson, the legendary portrait photographer, provides an excellent example of how it can be done on page 47 of this week?s issue. But his is not the only way. From studios to outdoors and simple to elaborate backgrounds, everyone has their own style. What is yours?

Alternatively, you might want to eschew portraiture and explore the

ways in which humanity interacts. Maybe it?s a street scene full of commuters. Or perhaps it?s a well-observed tender moment between two people, such as in Robert Doisneau?s famous image ?Kiss by the Hotel de Ville?. Humanity has many faces. It?s up to you to show us how you see it.

The closing date for APOY Round 4 entries is 30 May. See AP 3 May for an entry form.

First Prize

Samsung GX-10 twin lens kit worth £600, consisting of the GX-10 camera body, 18-55mm standard lens and a 50-200mm zoom. The winner will also receive a 35mm lens worth £229, an SEF-54 PFZ flash worth £299 and an SEF-36 PFZ flash worth £199.

Second Prize

Samsung GX-10 standard kit worth £500.

Included in the standard kit is the GX-10 camera body and an 18-55mm standard lens. The GX-10 boasts

10.2 million effective pixels, 11 shooting modes,

wireless flash, 22-bit image processing, a top ISO

of 1600 and a wide range of white balance options

Third Prize

Samsung NV20 compact digital camera worth £229. The 12.1-megapixel NV20 features the 35mm equivalent of a 34-102mm lens, seven white balance options, a 2.5in LCD, a top ISO of 3200, a wide range of shooting modes, voice and video recording, and weighs just 151.7g