In our eighth round of APOY you looked at water, windows and even your kitchen appliances to find your Reflection

Lee Jeffries, of Bolton, has won first prize in our Reflection round of APOY, winning Canon?s 12.2MP EOS 450D body, worth £699.99. The EOS 450D features 3.5fps capture capability for a continuous burst of up to 53 large JPEG images (six in raw). Its nine-point wide area AF accommodates off-centre subjects, and its EOS Integrated Cleaning System keeps images blemish-free. Lee will also receive Canon?s dust and moisture-resistant EF-S 17-40mm f/4 L USM lens, worth £889.99, which offers superb optical performance throughout the zoom range .

Second prize of a Canon Pixma MP980 printer, worth £329, goes to Mark Mortimer, of Gwynedd. This 9600x2400dpi-resolution, 1pl ink droplet printer is the ultimate all-in-one device, delivering superior photolab-quality 10x15cm prints in 20 seconds, with dedicated grey ink for ultimate monochrome images.

In third place, Sean Slevin, of Co Wexford, Ireland, will receive Canon?s PowerShot A480 compact camera, worth £119. With 10MP and 3.3x optical zoom, the PowerShot A480 offers 15 shooting modes, 1cm macro shooting, face detection, auto redeye correction, motion detection technology, and VGA and LP movies, making it a great all-rounder.

1 Lee Jeffries, Bolton 43pts

Canon EOS 5D, 85mm, 1/1250sec at f/2

Lee, an accountant, was recently in London to visit a client when he took time out to walk around Portobello Road. ?It was about 5pm when I noticed this lady in an old Ford Capri,? he says. ?I?m usually not shy, but I had the feeling she wouldn?t like me taking her portrait, so I slowly walked past the car and got down on my knees in her blind spot and focused the mirror. I was close enough to know I would get good focus with the available light and shutter speed, and knew the background was far enough away to blur out.? Lee later applied a cracked texture to mirror her features and dodged her face, as well as burning around the edges to guide the viewer?s eye in. Judges say Haunting and captivating, technically superb. Simply tremendous. Lee has surpassed himself.

2 Mark Mortimer, Gwynedd 38pts

Nikon D80, 18-70mm, 1/20sec at f/4.5, ISO 100

Mark was enjoying a rare and colourful January sunset when, as he explains, ?I suddenly turned around to see this broken-up pattern in the window panes of a derelict building at the top of the valley near where I live.? Judges say Mark has taken a classic subject for reflections and given it a new look. Well done.

3 Sean Slevin, Co Wexford, Ireland 37pts

Fujifilm FinePix S7000, 7.8mm, 1/10sec at f/2.8

While visiting New York, Sean was standing at the opposite side of the subway when he noticed the windows acting like mirrors. ?I just couldn?t resist,? he says, ?so from waist level, I pointed the camera in the general direction of the commuters and took several shots.? Judges say This is another fine entry by Sean, who has shown cleverness and determination in getting a striking image throughout the competition. The b&w works well here, and it?s framed perfectly.

The leader board

The leader board remains relatively unchanged after Round 8, apart from a few small changes. As usual, our judges were faced with a difficult choice in choosing a winner, as you provided a diverse and creative range of interpretations of this round?s theme, Reflection.

Be sure to catch the results of Round 9, From a Low Angle, in AP 28 November, and our announcement of Round 10, Low Light, in AP 7 November.

Top 50 entries for this round

  • 1 Lee Jeffries 43pts
  • 2 Mark Mortimer 38pts
  • 3 Sean Slevin 37pts
  • 4 Mark Cresswell 36pts
  • 5 Nathaniel Gonzales 35pts
  • 5 Mani Puthuran 35pts
  • 7 Robert Ashby 34pts
  • 7 Patrick Dodds 34pts
  • 7 Stephen Hewett 34pts
  • 7 Kuntal Paul 34pts
  • 11 Charlette Alcayde 33pts
  • 11 Adrian Campfield 33pts
  • 11 Mike Daly 33pts
  • 11 Michael Vaughan-Owen 33pts
  • 15 Lee Flack 32pts
  • 16 Andrew Kelly 31pts
  • 16 Martin Yeates 31pts
  • 18 Nick Board 30pts
  • 18 Kevin Harvey 30pts
  • 18 Andrew Lever 30pts
  • 18 Gary McGhee 30pts
  • 18 Christos Melkonis 30pts
  • 18 Maria Townsend 30pts
  • 18 Ian Webb 30pts
  • 25 John Steven Ball 29pts
    • 25 Phill Beynon 29pts
    • 25 Keith Dorian 29pts
    • 25 Anindya Majumdar 29pts
    • 25 Theo Malings 29pts
    • 25 Jeannette St-Prix 29pts
    • 31 Nik Koehli 28pts
    • 31 Mark Solly 28pts
    • 33 Graham Budden 27pts
    • 33 Dhurjati Chatterjee 27pts
    • 33 Dan Harrod 27pts
    • 33 Joshua Jackson 27pts
    • 33 Ariadne Morillas 27pts
    • 33 Stewart Smith 27pts
    • 33 Kathy Wright 27pts
    • 40 John Girt 26pts
    • 41 Fred Linney 25pts
    • 41 Mike Morley 25pts
    • 43 David Bishop 24pts
    • 43 Peter Fenech 24pts
    • 43 Peter Holloway 24pts
    • 43 Pirjo Keene 24pts
    • 47 Brian Vickers 24pts
    • 48 Rob Smith 23pts
    • 49 Peter Wiles 21pts
    • 50 Ro Cemm 19pts

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