Skylum has released an update for its Luminar AI editing package, with the emphasis on improving and expanding the process of replacing skies and simplifying editing workflow. One of the biggest improvements is the ability to reflect your ‘new’ sky in water, such as the sea or a river/lake.

The updated software automatically fits the new sky’s reflection to the angle and depth of the scene and can also add ripples onto the surface of water.



Meanwhile, a slightly worryingly named ‘Relight Human’ feature claims to match the lighting on people in shots with a new sky for more realistic-looking results.

There are also tools for removing colour casts from the sky on foreground objects and flipping the sky vertically and horizontally, and there are more free skies to choose from, too.

Transformable texture overlays have been added, along with support for the latest new cameras, Download the update from here

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