Whether you play or you’re just a fan, golf is often played in some of the most beautiful and picturesque locations so chances are, you take pictures whenever you’re on a course. Well we’ve spoken to four experts who know a thing or two about taking pictures at everything from the Open to the Masters Tournament, to get their top 3 Golf Photography tips. In part 1, we have professional photographer Evan Schiller, who specialises in photographing golf courses.

Golf Photography tips – Evan Schiller

Golf photography tips

  1. I’ve been around golf since I was two years old, so at this time in my life my golf IQ is pretty high! Why is this important? There is great value in getting to know any subject you are photographing. When you know the layout of the holes, and you’ve scouted the course, you’ll be ready when the moment arises.
  2. Light and composition make all the difference. Shoot early in the morning or late in the day. Get some elevation if you can by using a ladder or a mound. It will give you a much better perspective. For instance, at this time of the year (June/July) I usually have to get up between 3am and 4am to be at a course by 5am. I want to be ready by sunrise.
  3. Learn how to use a post-production application like Photoshop or Lightroom. The effort will be well worth it.

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Shooting from the ground, lifts, helicopters, and drones, Evan Schiller’s work has been published in numerous national and international magazines, books and calendars including The Masters Journal and The US Open Magazine. He is a former professional golfer. Visit www.evanschillerphotography.com. Follow Evan on twitter via twitter.com/Evan_Schiller.

Come back to AP as we continue to share Golf Photography tips from the pros, part 2 will be with Kevin Murray, and head over to Golf Monthly to stay up-to-date in the run up to the Open Championship July 20-23.