If you’re stuck at home but want to stretch your photography limbs, there are plenty of projects you can delve into from your home and garden. We’ve picked out a few of our favourites that should keep you busy.

Practice photographing great wildlife images at home

Under a star-filled sky, an urban badger goes on patrol (Nikon D750, 18-35mm, 30secs at f/9, ISO 1600, 3x flashgun

While stunning images of exotic wildlife might fill up social media feeds, it can be easy to forget there’s a whole host of wildlife that visits our gardens, balconies and rooftops on a daily basis. With a little patience and some preparation, you can capture some great wildlife photography without venturing far at all:

How to capture great wildlife photography at home

Learn to process black and white film at home

Home processing

It’s one of those things that lots of film photographers mean to get around to, you might even have the supplies knocking around in a cupboard somewhere. Black and white film is a lot easier to process than colour so it’s a great place to start.

Essential tips for home processing black and white film

Capture simple portraits at home without a studio

Simple portraits can look great and can easily be captured at home with little to no setup. With just window light, someone to model and some know-how, you can create beautifully uncomplicated images, letting your subject be the focus of all the attention.

How to Shoot Portrait Photos at Home

Get creative with a GoPro

There’s a lot you can do with just a little GoPro. Their ruggedness and ability to be strapped to almost anything opens up the creative opportunities, even around the home. The image quality may not be the best, but they can be placed in spots you may struggle to position a DSLR.

8 Creative Things To Do With a GoPro At Home

Take inspiration from other photographers that had location limits


Sometimes restriction can lead to creative projects that wouldn’t have occurred to you otherwise. When poor weather conditions prevented Russ Barnes from venturing out to take the pictures he wanted to, he looked closer to home for his next project.

How I set myself a personal photography project in my lunch hour

Practice photographing your family with some tips from the pros

Paterson portraits fun

Credit: James Paterson

The great thing about practising photographing your family is you can end up with some much treasured personal mementoes. Take a look at our selection of tips from the pros.

Family portrait photography tips

Set up your own darkroom

For full control over your film images, a darkroom is a great option. Creating one isn’t as difficult as you might think and it can be done without too much expense. Whether you have a garage, part of a bedroom or even a shed, you can set up a darkroom and learn to print your own images.

How to set up your own darkroom

Digitise old photos and slides

how to digitise photos and slides

Family pictures faded and discoloured by time take on a new life in the digital world

If you have a treasured stash of printed images, it’s a good idea to digitise and store them in case the worst happens. It also means you can share them with other family members that will treasure them just as much as you. It’s a task that often gets put off, but if you have some time at home it can be a satisfyingly productive task.

How to digitise photos and slides

Experiment with scanner art

scanner art animal skull

By scanning interesting objects such as this animal skull and some dead flowers, you can create something unique. Credit: Claire Gillo

If you have a flatbed scanner at home, you can create really interesting images with items you find around your home. It requires a little patience in the set-up stage, but after that, you can enjoy being creative with this unusual medium.

How to make scanner art: techniques and ideas for experimenting with scanography

Create composite images

Composites lead

If you can’t get out and explore the wider world, why not create your own? Whether you fancy creating fantastical images or barely noticeable alterations, photo editing software can help you make the impossible possible.

How to create killer composites

Or, if you’d rather take the time to research your next camera or lens purchase, take a look at our buyers guides, where you’ll find a list of the best cameras for photography.