What did you buy second hand, and why?
Just before we entered lockdown, I was browsing the LCE (London Camera Exchange) website and noticed that they had a second hand Olympus 30mm macro lens for sale at my local store in Worcester. With the prospect of furlough and lockdown looming, and the fact that I have never tried macro photography before, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on brand new. As I have previously sold equipment to LCE, I decided to purchase the macro lens to try out a new type of photography during the lockdown.

How did buying second hand help?
I usually like to do landscape and portrait photography, and buying the lens second hand meant that was able to try a brand new style without worrying about a huge expense. Being stuck at home for three months meant wasn’t much opportunity for landscape work, so the macro lens let me unleash my creative side. After buying a few model railway figures I began to create little adventures for them in and around my home and garden. They became quite a hit on instagram being featured by local papers and local photography groups and they were noticed by Olympus, who featured them on their website.

What tips do I have for people buying second-hand?
I haven’t bought anything off any auction sites, although I have heard some people found some great bargains. For me buying second hand through reputable dealers means that I also get the added protection of 12 months buyers protection. I always look for equipment that rated as ‘excellent condition’ as well. I absolutely would buy second hand again! People upgrade or change their equipment so regularly in photography and there are some brilliant bargains to be had if you look around. Plus it means that maybe you can try something new like I did, without breaking the bank!

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