Whether you’re looking for stocking fillers or a novelty gift for a photography lover, we share the best Christmas gifts – all for under £45!

Best gifts under £45 for photographers

Word Art

GiftedTurtlesUK, Personalised Word Art from £6.99


If your loved one is a fan of typography as well as photography, then this Personalised Word Art is sure to delight. You simply choose your main word (and a few secondary ones) and the team at GiftedTurtlesUK will work its magic to arrange them into the shape of a DSLR. There are five print sizes and a range of frames to choose from – you can also select different colours for the words.

typography photography gift

Image: GiftedTurtlesUK

Business cards

MOO, Business Cards from £14 (for 50)


Online print and design firm MOO started making customisable business cards and postcards in 2006, and it’s been adding to its range ever since. Now you can get everything from water bottles to notebooks and stickers customised. If a friend is just starting out with their photo business, you could show your support by ordering a gift card so they can design and purchase their own professional marketing materials.

moo photo business cards gifts under £45

Image: MOO

Join the library

The Sketchbook Project, standard sketchbook £27 ($30)


The Sketchbook Project is a museum and community space based in Brooklyn Art Library, USA, with more than 41,000 artists’ sketchbooks. To take part in the project you simply buy a blank sketchbook from the website, choose a theme, fill it, and submit. To make your efforts available online, you can pay to have your book digitalised. You can gift a blank sketchbook – it’s a great invitation to get creative.

sketchbook project gift under £45

Image: The Sketchbook Project

Branching out

Anthropologie, Gleaming Primrose Picture Frame Tree Decoration £22


There’s a Downton Abbey vibe about the Gleaming Primrose Picture Frame Decoration. The design is based on a popular mirror sold by Anthropologie and, as such, it has some beautiful detailing. The decoration measures 13cm x 9cm and is made of zinc and glass. You can insert your favourite image and hang it on the Christmas tree or enjoy it all year round.

Photography T-shirt and Gifts

COOPH, from £6


COOPH stocks a wide range of some of the best photography-themed T-shirts on the market. As well as printed tote bags, art prints and much more. A great gift choices for the photographer in your life.

COOPH t-shirt christmas under £45

Camera cufflinks

Amazon, £13


A subtle hint for your love of photography. Many different varieties, both old and new, can be found online.

Camera cufflinks christmas gift under £45

Chocolate camera

The Chocolate Workshop, £24.99-35


This full-size vintage 35mm Nikon SLR is the perfect sweet treat for photographers. It tastes as good as it looks.

Chocolate camera christmas gift under £45

Camera pencil sharpener

Amazon, £10


This vintage twin-lens reflex camera is a pencil sharpener in disguise and has a built-in drawer to collect shavings.

Camera Pencil Sharpener

Zeiss lens cleaning spray

Clifton Cameras, £9


Effectively removes smudges, fingerprints, dirt, water or oil stains from your lenses. The pack includes 2x60ml bottles of cleaning spray and a microfibre cloth.

Zeiss lens cleaning spray

Lens kitchen timer

The Unusual Gift Company, £6


Add a photo-themed lens timer to your kitchen with this fun yet practical stocking filler.

Lens Kitchen Timer gift under £45

Lastolite Collapsible Reflector

Amazon, £14


This 30cm sunlite/soft example offers a double-coated reflective surface and collapses to a third of its original size.

Lastolite Collapsible Reflector

Sunography kits

Noted, Sunography kits from £9.75


Sunography kits come in paper, fabric or card versions. Simple to use and fun for kids, you can produce rich blue prints by placing objects with clear outlines (such as leaves and keys) onto the aforementioned light-sensitive materials, exposing the set-up to sunlight, and rinsing it off with water. The material is light-sensitive on both sides so it’s possible to make two-sided prints.

sunography cyanotype kit gifts for photographers under £45

Image: Noted

Clash of the Cameras Top Trumps

Price: £9.99


These playing cards allow photography fans to play famous cameras off against each other in a classic trump card game. It contains 36 illustrated cards.

Clash of the Cameras Top Trumps gift under £45

Enamel Camera Pins

Official Exclusive, Camera enamel pins £8-12


Sought after by those who’d like to show off their love for the craft of photography, these pins have become very popular due to their faithful reproduction of a wide variety of classic cameras and films. Whether you want to show your love for Rollei cameras or Ektachrome film, you’re bound to find one for all photographers.

Camera pin badge gifts under £45

Photo Boards

Photo Boards, from £20


Perfect backdrops for shooting product, food or lifestyle images. The 40x40cm (£20) Photo Boards are ideal for small items, while the larger 60x60cm (£34) designs offer better space for more complex still-life set-ups. Fantastic results can be attained using these boards under natural light and the website offers a visual idea of what can be achieved using them.

Photo Boards gift under £45

Best gifts under £45: A subscription to Amateur Photographer Magazine

Price: from £42.99 for 6 months (26 issues)


The perfect present for all photography lovers!

Amateur Photographer is the world’s oldest consumer weekly photographic magazine, first published in October 1884. Since then, AP (as it is affectionately known to its readers) has been the bible for both amateur and professional photo-enthusiasts around the world. It has helped generations of photographers to improve their skills.

Jam packed with great photography content every week – from the latest kit to top tips from professional photographers!

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