Db The Ramverk 32L Pro Backpack at a glance:

  • €299 + €159 for M or L camera insert (approx. $480 / £390)
  • Front-access backpack
  • Carry-on size (50.5 x 30 x 21 cm)
  • Interchangeable camera inserts
  • Pocket for 15in laptop
  • eu.dbjourney.com

Db is a Norwegian company that produces a range of bags for outdoor pursuits. Its Ramverk Pro backpacks are designed with photographers in mind, thanks to their ability to accept interchangeable camera inserts. I tested its Db The Ramverk 32L Pro 32-litre model, but there’s also a slimmer 26L version.

Db The Ramwerk Pro 32L contents

The Ramwerk pro 32L will swallow a vast amount of kit, including a 15in laptop. Image: Andy Westlake

Db The Ramverk 32L Pro Backpack key features:

  • Waterproof zips: All the external openings (top and laptop pockets, and front flap) are protected by coated waterproof zips
  • Top pocket: With its soft fleece lining, this provides a safe space for personal items such as headphones or a phone
  • Harness: The waistbelt is removeable if you want to minimise bulk, while the sternum strap has a clever magnetic closure
  • Straps: Pairs of adjustable straps on the front and either side can be used for carrying additional kit such as a tripod

Three sizes of camera insert are available. The smallest accepts a camera plus three lenses and takes up approximately half the bag, leaving space for clothing, etc. Meanwhile, the medium and large inserts occupy most of the backpack’s interior. The latter is deeper to accommodate a pro camera with a vertical grip, which means it only fits into the 32L backpack.

Unusually, all three inserts can accept optional shoulder straps, so they can be used as backpacks on their own. Alternatively, their lids can be unzipped and removed completely for easier access when you’re using them inside the backpack.

Db The Ramwerk Pro 32L with tripod.

Straps on the back will hold a full-size tripod. Image: Andy Westlake

Each insert comes with a good array of dividers, which employ a slim, semi-rigid design that maximises use of space. With the medium insert, I was able to fit a full-frame mirrorless camera with eight or nine lenses, including a 100-400mm telephoto zoom, which should be more than enough for most purposes. An array of zipped mesh pockets in the lid can be used to hold accessories such as filters, memory cards and batteries. There are also plenty of similar pockets inside the backpack itself.

Db The Ramwerk Pro 32L harness

The harness includes a waistbelt and sternum strap. Image: Andy Westlake

The quality of materials and construction is exemplary, and the understated styling shouldn’t draw unwanted attention. The backpack’s outer shell is made from 100% recycled waterproof coated nylon fabric, and practically all the clips and buckles are chunky metal, with barely any plastic in sight.

A system of internal ribs maintains the backpack’s structure and rigidity without adding excess weight, helping to protect your valuable kit. One gripe, though, is that black is never the best colour for interior fabric; good luck if you need to search inside for a stray lens cap.

Db The Ramwerk Pro 32L in use. Image: Andy Westlake

Thanks to its well-designed harness, the bag is reasonably comfortable to carry even when full. Image: Andy Westlake

Thanks to its adjustable harness and well-designed, padded waistbelt, the backpack is surprisingly comfortable to carry. Even when fully laden with camera, lenses, laptop, and tripod to a weight of 13.5kg, I didn’t find it too much of a burden on a half-hour walk. Like all front-loading designs, though, you have to take it off to access your kit, so it’s not ideal for shooting on the move.

Db Pricing and bundles

It’s easiest to buy Db products from the firm’s European website. The 26L backpack costs €249 ( $260 / £210), while the 32L is €299 ($310 / £253). Prices vary for the S, M and L inserts.

Db The Ramverk 32L Pro Backpack: Our Verdict

This bag may be pricey, but it’s well-made and comfortable to carry. It’s a great choice for those travelling with lots of kit.

Testbench Recommended 4-stars

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