The Yashica camera brand has made a comeback after three years in the photographic wilderness.

Former brand owner, Kyocera, ended production of Yashica-branded compacts in 2005.

Kyocera also owned the Contax brand which became famous for its film cameras.

At the time, Kyocera blamed the demise of its camera brands on a ?huge swing? from analogue to digital photography in Europe.

Morihiro Akasaki, a former managing director at Kyocera?s European office is now the MD of Yashica, explained Frazer Allen, spokesman for Yashica?s UK distributor Alpha Digital Services.

The Yashica cameras are being supplied by Hong Kong-based firm JNC Datum Tech International, the technology arm of MF Jebsen, a multinational conglomerate.

Initially there will be five models, all due for UK launch on 1 March.

The range is led, in pixel terms, by the 8.2-million-pixel EZ8032, featuring an f/2.8 lens designed to deliver the 35mm viewing angle equivalent of a 35-105mm zoom. It includes a 2.5in monitor and is compatible with SD,SDHC and MMC memory cards.

There are three 7MP models: the EZ7030; EZF725; and EZ7033.

The EZ7030 and EZ7033 each sport a 3in LCD screen while the EZF725 features a 2.4in monitor.

The EZ7033 boasts close focusing of 1cm in Super Macro mode.

A 5MP model, called the EZF524 will complete the initial line-up.

Prices range from £49.99-119.99.

Alpha Digital Services can be contacted on 01189 337000.

Yashica EZ F524Yashic EZ7030