The ‘Bliss’ photograph is the most viewed picture in the world. Credit: Credit: Charles O’Rear/Microsoft Corporation. Bliss photo used with permission from Microsoft

The iconic default computer wallpaper of Microsoft Windows XP has enjoyed fame as the world’s most viewed picture.

Now, 21 years later, the man behind the image is taking his camera out again for three new wallpaper images.

Charles O’Rear was recruited by Lufthansa to take the images for its New Angles of America project.

Charles O’Rear taking one of the new photos in Colorado. Credit: Charles O’Rear/Lufthansa

O’Rear said: “I am turning seventy-six and realise how much the Microsoft ‘Bliss’ photograph has meant to my life.

“As the photographer of the most viewed photo in history, I have enjoyed every minute of the fame.”

The original image was taken in the 1990s when O’Rear pulled his car up somewhere along Sonoma Highway in California to snap his shot on the way to see his girlfriend.

Amateur Photographer has the full story behind the how the classic image was shot and what O’Rear really thinks of it in our feature.

These are the three new smartphone wallpapers shot by O’Rear. Credit: Charles O’Rear/Lufthansa

The new images have been released free of charge by the aviation company as smartphone wallpapers.

O’Rear added: “After all, smartphones have become the primary place for the world to see new and interesting photography. And, I’m glad to be part of it.”

The photographs were taken across North America in Maroon Bells (Colorado), Peek-A-Boo Slot (Utah) and White Pocket (Arizona).

O’Rear has enjoyed an extensive career in photography, with countless assignments for National Geographic and other high profile magazines.

The photos can be seen and downloaded for free at

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