A pinhole camera ?balloon race? is due to take place on Saturday 2 July to promote a month-long exhibition of pinhole photography in Wiltshire.

Around 100 people are expected to take part in the event ? claimed to be the first of its type – using pinhole cameras made out of empty film canisters attached to helium balloons.

The cameras will be sent into the sky in a ?group release?, say organisers who hope that those finding them after landing will shoot a pinhole photograph using the instructions provided with each film canister. Participants can then return the camera – in the attached pre-paid envelope – to the event?s organisers who will develop the captured image.

Photography vouchers are up for grabs to those who take the best pictures.

The event ? which is free to enter – was the brainchild of pinhole camera enthusiast Fiona Haser who told us she was inspired by similar projects involving messages in bottles floated out to sea.

A workshop showing how to make the pinhole cameras will take place ahead of the race which is due to start at 6pm at Ale and Porter Arts, 25 Silver Street, Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire.

The gallery will hold Time of Light: An exhibition of contemporary Pinhole Photography from 16 July-20 August featuring pinhole pictures from objects such as biscuit tins.

For details about the race, exhibition and workshops (including one on the Camera Obscura) call 01225 868919.

Pinhole picture credit: Chris Gatcum