Every 3 days X-Rite are posting a picture of a famous landmark partially covered by an image of someone holding one of their ColorChecker Charts.

If you can guess the landmark correctly, you stand a chance of being one of 40 people who will win a ColorChecker target as a prize. Winners will get to choose from the following list as a prize:

  • ColorChecker Passport Photo
  • ColorChecker Passport Video
  • ColorChecker Classic
  • ColorChecker Video

ColorChecker Targets are designed to help you manage colour in your images.  By photographing the card with your subject, you can use the white or grey targets to set white balance, while the colour patches can be used to control the output colour palette. Included software also allows you to measure the colour response of your camera and build your own profiles.

Here at AP we were impressed by the inventiveness of this competition, as it does show the test charts as you would use them in real life… now all we need is a holiday to one of the landmarks to properly make use of the test chart!

You can find out more and enter here.

Colour checker comp