The winners of the fourth annual International Drone Photography contest have been announced, organised and hosted by drone photography sharing site Dronestagram, and in partnership with National Geographic, with winning subjects ranging from vividly coloured fields in Provence to a water lily pond in Vietnam.

Awards were given across a number of categories: Nature, Urban, People and (for the first time in the contest) Creativity.

Check out the winners below.


1st Prize. Provence, Summer trim. Photo by user jcourtial

2nd prize. Infinite Road to Transylvania by user Calin Stan

3rd prize. Ice formation by user Florian Ledoux


1st prize. Urban Concrete Jungle by user bachirm

2nd prize. Dawn on Mercury Tower by user Alexygo

3rd prize. Peace by user luckydron


1st prize. End of the line by user Martin Sanchez

2nd prize. Waterlily by user helios1412

3rd prize. La Vijanera by user feelingmovie


Two Moo by user LukeMaximoBell

Ugo le marin by user rga

Next Level by user macareuxprod