Winners have been announced for the Nature TTL Photographer of the Year 2022 competition, with a shot of a fierce caracal hunting flamingos taking the top prize.

This year, over 8,000 images were submitted by photographers from across the globe. Images were split into eight categories; Animal Behaviour, Camera Traps, Landscapes, Small World, The Night Sky, Underwater, Urban Wildlife and Wild Portraits.

© "I See You" Tomasz Szpila / Nature TTL - Nature Through The Lens Photographer of the Year entry

© “I See You” Tomasz Szpila / Nature TTL – winner of the Wild Portraits photography category

USA-based Dennis Stogsdill was awarded a £1500 cash prize for his image “A Cat and Its Prize”, featuring the raw and striking sight of a blood-stained flamingo in the jaws of the elusive wild cat. The image was photographed in Tanzania.

Dennis explained how the shot was taken: “We had received word about a serval hunting birds along the shore of Lake Ndutu (lower Serengeti) so we raced over to see. Upon arrival, we quickly realised that it was in fact a caracal and not a serval, and it was hunting flamingos that were feeding in the shallows. Within a minute of arrival, the caracal started stalking and eventually was successful (in dramatic fashion) at hunting one of the beautiful but unlucky birds. In this image you see the caracal walking off with its prize”.

Will Nicholls, Founder of Nature TTL told us why this image stood out: “This is nature at its most raw. The caracal is soaked from chasing the flamingos through the waters, but has come out on top. The contrasting colours against the dark surroundings really make this image pop. A wonder scene to have been able to observe no doubt, let along capture exquisitely on camera.”

© "Vantage Points" Achintya Murthy / Nature TTL

© “Vantage Points” Achintya Murthy / Nature TTL – winner of the Under 16’s category

Under 16s Winner – Young Nature TTL Photographer of the Year

Meanwhile, the Young Nature TTL Photographer of the Year 2022 was awarded to 13-year-old Achintya Murthy from India. Achintya was awarded the prize for his image of two parakeets fighting in Karnataka, India. Achintya described the shot: “Malabar Parakeets are wonderful creatures. They are also called blue winged parakeets. They usually flock together and are seen in huge numbers. In the midst of a bunch of activities, it was my privilege to shoot this image from a bird hide. These two are fighting over a stump that had paddy grains as its feed.”

© "Sunset Ray" Andy Schmid / Nature TTL

© “Sunset Ray” Andy Schmid / Nature TTL – Winner of the Underwater photography category

Next year’s Nature TTL competition will be open for entries in January 2023. All photographers are welcome to submit their images regardless of age or ability. For more details visit

Featured image: © “A Cat And Its Prize” Dennis Stogsdill / Nature TTL

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