WhiteWall offer a total of six new fine art papers from renowned manufacturers Canson and Epson, giving fine art photographers a variety of new photo paper choices. This includes papers with features like a watercolour texture and a barium sulfate coating.

All the papers can be ordered from the website in individual sizes up to 300 x 105 cm and are also available in passepartout frames.

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From: WhiteWall.

Fine Art photo prints are extra high-quality prints used by professional photographers, galleries and museums to achieve exceptional results. A central component here is a high-quality paper that must meet the highest quality standards. WhiteWall has expanded its paper selection and now offers six new fine art papers from the renowned manufacturers Canson and Epson in addition to Hahnemühle papers.

The fundamental difference between fine art papers and photo papers lies in the coating of the paper medium. Photographic papers are exposed and chemically developed and therefore have a surface that is sensitive to light. Fine Art papers, on the other hand, are printed using inkjet technology. A completely different coating is used here. This ensures perfect adhesion of the inks, which would otherwise not be possible on a pure paper surface. Fine Art papers are made of natural fibers, usually cotton or alpha cellulose. This means that many different base materials and surface textures are possible. The wide variety of papers used for fine art papers offers more precision in refining the symbiosis between the image and the paper into a complete work of art.

The new papers from Canson:

The Canson Arches Aquarelle Rag is truly impressive with its clearly visible watercolor texture. The pure white paper is made of 100% cotton and offers very good color reproduction with a high tonal range The Canson Baryta Prestige II is coated with barium sulfate. That means its finish is reminiscent of analog photography’s classic look. It has a natural white color and glossy surface, This allows the paper to achieve high contrasts and intense colors, but is also very suitable for black and white prints. The Canson Rag Photographique made of pure cotton is bright white with a warm tendency and a particularly smooth, matte surface with a
very subtle texture. It is very versatile, making an all-rounder that is ideally suited for many different types of images.

The new papers from Epson:

The Epson Fine Art Cotton Smooth Natural is a pure cotton paper with a relatively smooth surface in a warm white tone. It produces natural, reflection-free image reproduction and is suitable for a wide range of images. The texture of Epson Fine Art Cotton Textured Bright is subtly reminiscent of watercolor paper. Its color is pure white and can reproduce an extremely wide color gamut. The Epson Traditional Photo Paper has a smooth satin finish and a soft shine. It has impressive deep, dense blacks and is ideal for rendering dark hues. Its surface has a high grip and it is suitable for a wide range of images.

All papers can be ordered in individual sizes up to 300 x 105 cm and are also available in passepartout frames.

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