Know someone who has gone above and beyond in the world of photography? Nominate your unsung hero for an AP Award!

As part of the preparation for AP’s annual awards, we are looking to celebrate the hard work and community spirit of people who are using photography for the benefit of others or to help make the world a better place. We are looking for this year’s ‘Unsung Hero‘, and this is your chance to nominate someone!

It may be someone who is working with children or vulnerable adults, using the therapeutic power of photography to help them get over anxiety and depression, or a physical disability or illness. Perhaps they are an active member of a community group or using their own camera in the service of a charity to help raise awareness or money for them. Either way, the Unsung Hero Award is all about those who are using photography, and cameras, to do something positive for others in the wider community.

Our previous Unsung Hero award was won by Stephen Radley, a former RAF chaplain and Afghanistan veteran who now runs regular workshops and retreats on the theme of contemplative photography and mindfulness. He believes contemplative photography can promote better metal health for everyone.

Stephen Radley unsung hero winner 2021

Stephen Radley, AP Unsung Hero Award recipient 2021. “The stars look static but the camera can see their movement. A reminder to me of the constant movement of life, and the need to embrace change…”

How to enter

You can nominate anyone for this award – the only proviso is that the photographer is not already widely recognised for their sterling work helping others or the wider community. You can also nominate yourself. Once we have received the nominations for all of the unsung heroes, the editorial team at Amateur Photographer will select the winner and we will organise the award-giving process.

In your nomination, you will need to include: 

  • The name of the hero you are nominating
  • 200 words or less – why you are nominating them, or why you are nominating yourself.
  • Any links to relevant photography, or attach up to eight low resolution images
  • Your contact details

Email the details to

The closing date is Monday 31st January 2022.

The entries will be judged by AP staff and the overall winner will be contacted by email

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