Fujifilm UK has so far been unable to comment on rumours that the company is gearing up to launch a new version of its popular Velvia 50 transparency film.

Last year Fuji announced plans to stop producing Velvia 50 ? a favourite among many landscape photographers worldwide ? citing problems in sourcing a key ingredient used in making the emulsion.

Following enquiries from AP, Fuji?s UK personnel have spent the past five days quizzing the company?s Japanese HQ for information, after rumours – on various internet forums – suggested that next spring will see the launch of a new ISO 50 film, tentatively called Velvia II, using an alternative raw material.

Velvia 50 is famed for its ability to produce high-contrast images, along with intense vibrant colours.

Renowned photographer Charlie Waite last year described the demise of Velvia 50 (pictured) as a ?catastrophe?, praising its potential to deliver ?saturated colours?.

AP will keep you posted with any further news.