Vanguard has launched the four-strong range of VEO 3 tripods, which are designed for photographers who need a tall, solid tripod and the ability to use an L-Bracket.

The VEO 3 series is CNC-machined and extends up to 179cm with the central column extended, or 146cm with the central column (which, deliberately, isn’t multi-angled) down for maximum stability.

With a choice of rubber or spiked feet, the VEO 3 Series can be used on any ground and, to help to maximise the life of the tripod, they come with easy to clean leg locks.

Dual axis ball head

The VEO 3 263AB (aluminium) and VEO 3 263CB (carbon) models include the VEO BH-160S Dual Axis Ball Head, which can hold a payload of up to 15kg.

This ball head is useful for photographers setting up their tripod on uneven ground, who want a perfect level for their shot.

To get a level you put your tripod down, use the ball joint and spirit level to get your level, and attach your camera.

You can then adjust the horizontal positioning using the top axis.

The VEO 3 263AB tripod being used in portrait orientation

The VEO 3 263AB tripod being used in portrait orientation

3-way pan head

The VEO 3 263APS (aluminium) and VEO 3 263CPS (carbon) tripods both include the new VEO PH-38S 3-way pan head with rotating top handle.

This Arca-compatible head can hold a payload of up to 10kg.

A rotating top handle allows the head to be set up in the most comfortable position for the shot, whether you are left-handed or right-handed.

But the rotating top handle is more than just for comfort…

Traditional 3-way pan heads have the quick release plate clamps facing forwards, or at 90°.

Facing forwards is optimised for a long lens, but at 90° it can be used with an L-Bracket.

This means you’re always needing to compromise with a pan head.

The VEO PH-38S is set up facing forwards, but the rotating top handle allows photographers to rotate the top plate round 90° so you can use it with an L-bracket.

The VEO 3 263CPS tripod with a DSLR and zoom lens payload

The VEO 3 263CPS tripod with a DSLR and zoom lens payload

VEO 3 tripod range – key specs

  • A choice of carbon or aluminium legs
  • A choice of Arca-compatible ball head or 3-way pan head
  • Reversible central column
  • Three easy set leg angles (20°, 50° and 80°)
  • Free low angle adaptor
  • Tripod leg that converts to a monopod in seconds
  • Two 3/8” threads with bayonet fittings for tripod support arms, such as the VEO TSA DLX
  • Noise free and fast set twist locks
  • Removable hook at base of central column to attach additional weight
  • Tripod bag

Free quick release plate

To support the VEO 3 series launch Vanguard is offering a free quick release plate (worth £29.99) with any purchase from participating dealers between 1 July and 30 September 2022.

To find out more go to Vanguard World UK.

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