The online auction had attracted a bid of more than $11,600 before it was pulled.

Since it was re-launched with a new link – but with all references to the charity removed – the auction has raised a little over half that sum with just two days left until bidding closes.

The signed Nikon D4 DSLR was used by Bolt after his 200m Olympic win.

The DSLR is being sold to raise money for a Swedish cancer research charity.

The sprinter borrowed the camera from press photographer Jimmy Wixtröm, who said he was forced to remove the original auction link as text from the web page breached eBay’s terms of use.

In an email to photo publications, including Amateur Photographer (AP), Wixtröm said the original link has been removed because eBay bans the mention of charities ‘other than their own’.

Last week, Wixtröm said some funds would also go to Bolt’s own foundation in Jamaica which encourages children to seek education.

There are concerns that the auction will not now raise the amount hoped for because the old link – carried in online articles after the initial publicity – no longer works, reports website Petapixel.

A spokesperson for eBay’s corporate communications team had yet to respond to AP’s request for comment.