Even if you currently own a mirrorless camera you are happy with, there’s nothing like getting your hands on a rare, limited edition of something special. A customer from the US was so smitten by a used gold-plated Hasselblad, he flew over to the UK to buy it!

Back in February we ran a story about a rare, second-hand Hasselblad 503CX ‘Golden Blue’ 50th Anniversary Limited Edition medium format film camera being sold for £5,999 by top independent retailer, Park Cameras.

rare Hasselblad 503CX 'Golden Blue' 50th Anniversary Limited Edition model medium format film camera

Only 700 Hasselblad 503CX ‘Golden Blue’ cameras were made in 1991 to commemorate Hasselblad’s 50th anniversary featuring 24-karat gold plating with blue leather trim. In other words, they are seriously nice-looking cameras.

Goldie-looking claim

This very special Hasselblad has now been sold, with a customer flying over especially from the US to pick it up in person. ‘The customer, who wishes to remain anonymous, bought the camera within 24 hours of us promoting the product,’ explains Andy Steel from Park Cameras.

rare Hasselblad 503CX 'Golden Blue' 50th Anniversary Limited Edition model medium format film camera
Credit: Park Cameras.

‘Previously it had only been available on our website for a matter of days. He learnt that the camera was available by reading an online article that appeared in his feed, and phoned us at 3 am his time in order to get the camera reserved!’

Park Cameras rare Hasselbad
The happy customer allowed himself to be photographed with his shiny new baby

After coughing up for the camera, the mystery customer then attended a photography workshop in London. ‘I do know that his profession is not photography, but he is extremely passionate about photography,’ adds Andy.

As Andy explains, Park Cameras only ships cameras within the UK, but does get a lot of potential foreign customers, especially from Europe, dropping by its central London store (Park Cameras also has a store and HQ in Burgess Hill, near Brighton).

Park Cameras advertorial London store
Park Cameras carries a wide range of quality used gear for all budgets. Credit: Park Cameras

Other cool used items from Park Cameras

Park Cameras has also started curating a list of the hottest pre-owned cameras and lenses which you can see here. ‘We have over 3,000 products available, so hopefully this list makes it easier for customers to see the products,’ said Andy. ‘We don’t expect them to be around for a long time.’

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