Triggertrap Timelapse Pro is designed to allow photographers to build and save custom timelapse sequences through intervalometer and delay modules. To help ensure the timelapse stops before the phone runs out of battery, the app includes a power-save mode and battery-threshold setting. Triggertrap Timelapse Pro is available for iOS users, priced £3.99.


For immediate release. London, 26.03.2014

Triggertrap Timelapse Pro, launched today, is an advanced companion app to the hugely successful Triggertrap Mobile App, offering flexible and powerful modular timelapse creation to iOS users for just £3.99.

Retaining the same user-friendly format and beautiful design that has made Triggertrap Mobile such a hit with photographers, Timelapse Pro inspires timelapse photographers to create stunning images, customisable to their specific needs and situation. The app enables users to create timelapse sequences composed of so-called ‘Intervalometer’ and ‘Delay’ modules. These modules can be configured, mixed and matched. Several modules can be added to each timelapse sequence. Users can reorder and delete modules as they please, adding even more flexibility to their sequence. Photographers can also create and save as many timelapse sequences as they like, giving the option to save favourite settings for different scenarios.

Timelapse Pro takes all this power and enables photographers to dig even deeper into the fascinating world of timelapse. The app has been created in response to the needs of Triggertrap’s community of timelapse photographers, and the intrepid team of Triggertrap developers will continue to add features that fill the gaps in the timelapse photographer’s toolkit. Put simply: Timelapse Pro enables photographers to take epic, complex timelapses in an uncomplicated fashion.

Timelapse Pro is available to buy in the App Store from today for just £3.99 ($4.99). Users combine the app with a Triggertrap Mobile kit to use the app with their camera, expanding the photographer’s existing camera gear on to a world of new timelapse options.

Create multiple timelapse sequences with custom names for quick access.
Intervalometer module. Select the intervals between shots and either how many exposures photographers want to take or the duration you’d like to take exposures for.
Delay module. Insert delays between intervalometer modules that last seconds, minutes, or even hours.
Add as many modules to your timelapse as you like, allowing you to build more complex sequences.
Reorder your modules to suit your needs.
Power Saver mode that darkens screen while the timelapse is running to save power.
Battery Threshold. Stops activity when your battery hits the threshold so you don’t kill your device’s battery.
Available on iOS devices running iOS 8 or newer, including iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch devices.

Quotes from timelapse photographers who have tried the app:

‘I really like the fact that you can create default settings for different types of timelapse situations’ – Mattia Bicchi

‘I liked being able to name the timelapses so the setting are easily accessible’ – Will Tomlinson

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