A ?travelling darkroom? is to tour the UK to fly the flag for photography in organisations such as schools, colleges and local authorities.

Photomobile is sponsored by Ilford whose spokesman explained that it is not something that can be set up on a ?street corner?.

Rather, organisations will be able to book the mobile unit with the cost dependent on what it will be used for and for how long.

Funded by the Arts Council the project was the branchild of Redeye, a group of photographers based in north west England.

?Photomobile can be towed to almost any location, thereby offering people who don?t normally have access to their own or existing facilities the opportunity to engage in the photographic arts,? said Redeye director Paul Herrmann.

Designed to provide a ?bridge? between analogue and digital the 6×2.3m unit is self-contained, featuring a traditional ?chemical? darkroom, giant pinhole camera and camera obscura, a digital suite (which includes scanners and inkjet printers) and awnings to create ?an outdoor covered exhibition space?.

For details and to book call Paul Herrmann at Redeye on 0845 456 0260.