The poster for much-anticipated Tomb Raider reboot has just been released but while some fans were excited about the poster, others were left slightly confused.

It all began when some users on Twitter pointed out something slightly odd about Alicia Vikander’s elongated neck. This led to a number of people thinking that the problem came from editing mistakes on Photoshop.

Check out the poster below to see if you notice anything odd.

Tomb Raider comes out early next year with 28-year-old Vikander taking over the role made famous by Angelina Jolie. This latest offering based on the computer game follows the origins of her tale and is directed by Roar Uthaug, a Norwegian film director.

However, the backlash has confused a number of fans and led to a barrage of suggestions and comparisons to other photos of the Ex Machina star to see how long her neck actually is.

Other photographers and editors have speculated that perhaps it was actually lighting issues that have caused the problems, rather than Photoshop.

Meanwhile, other fans seized on the opportunity to respond with jokes and as many neck related puns as the mind can think of.

Twitter user Jeff Ramos wrote: “Her legend may be about to begin, but that neck never ends.”

Others turned the photo into a meme, with some elongating the neck further and some using Photoshop to place other character heads on her body.

Whatever the problem was, we at Amateur Photographer know how tricky editing photographs can be so be sure to check out our tuition on different editing skills here.

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So what do you think of the Tomb Raider poster? Was it a lighting issue or another Photoshop mistake? Let us know your answer by filling out the poll below.