An image captured by a Hasselblad camera during NASA’s Apollo 15 mission

First created in 1999, the Project Apollo Archive contains images supplied by NASA’s Johnson Space Center.

Kipp Teague, who founded the archive, said: ‘Contrary to some recent media reports, this new Flickr gallery is not a NASA undertaking, but an independent one, involving the re-presentation of the public domain NASA-provided Apollo mission imagery as it was originally provided in its raw, high-resolution and unprocessed form by the Johnson Space Center on DVD-R and including [images] from the center’s Gateway to Astronaut Photography of Earth website.’

He added: ‘Processed images from [a] few film magazines to fill in gaps were also obtained from the Lunar and Planetary Institute’s Apollo Image Atlas.’

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21943959095_1e098544a3_o.webA Hasselblad image from the Apollo 7 mission