A Sony RX1

Thieves broke into the parked car in an isolated location on the Isle of Skye on Sunday 28 February, escaping with a Sony FE 16-35mm f/4 lens (serial number:1806439) and Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX1 camera (serial number: 4451358).

They smashed a rear window of the car with a piece of stone, allowing access to the boot, according to the National Theft Register, which has appealed for help in tracing the items by publishing the serial numbers.

The culprits also fled with an Apple MacBook Pro laptop computer (serial number: W8844176YJY).

‘At the time, the owner, a rock climber, was out of sight of the vehicle and discovered the theft on his return later that day,’ said John Hayward, who runs the National Theft Register.

Hayward, a former police detective, added: ‘Care should be observed by motorists in the area and [they are] advised not to leave valuable items of property in such unattended vehicles.’

Hayward has urged anyone who can help in tracing the stolen property and those responsible to contact him on 01869 325699 or by email at jh@ntr.supanet.com.

The theft was also reported to Portree Police, Police Scotland, under the crime reference number: NP2004/16.

The National Theft Register serves as a theft insurance claims investigator, covering areas such as rural crime, animals and stolen photographic gear.

The RX1 – the world’s first digital compact camera with a 35mm full-frame sensor – cost around £2,600 when it was launched in 2012.