[Photo credit: @insidezaatari/Save the Children]

The photos, which are showcased on Instagram, are the result of a two-year long project led by Save the Children, which enabled teenage refugees to learn photography skills at the Za’atari refugee camp in Jordan.

Twelve youngsters aged 14-18 took part in the My Own Account project.

Qais, a resident of the camp and one of the photographers, said: ‘When I take portraits of people, it is like spending some time with them, connecting. I make new friends.

‘When I look at the pictures, I live in the moment again. It makes me happy.’
The photos include a portrait of a boy carrying water to wash his home, another who is pictured selling peaches and one of a girl hiding behind her teddy bear from her brother.

Just after the picture was taken, my mood changed from sadness to happiness. I miss my father who is not here. Pictures remind me that I have always wanted to take pictures to send them to my father. EMBARGOED 00:00 04/12/15

The photography classes were designed to enable the children to regain confidence and support the development of their social and emotional wellbeing.

Saba Al-Mubaslat, CEO of Save the Children’s Humanitarian Leadership Academy, said: ‘Save the Children is committed to supporting children who have experienced extreme stress (as a response of the crisis in Syria).

‘This is done through a variety of activities that reconnect young people with their childhood, help them to relearn social skills and rebuild their lives.’

I just went to the market. My brother was the one responsible to get things from the market but he has moved out of the camp. Now it is my responsibility. EMBARGOED 00:00 04/12/15 How can I win? What shall I do next. I should not show any emotions otherwise I will most certainly lose. EMBARGOED 00:00 04/12/15 If I manage to fill my containers with the water from the trucks behind me, they may accept to take me home. EMBARGOED 00:00 04/12/15

To view more images, visit www.instagram.com/insidezaatari.

[All photo credits: @insidezaatari/Save the Children]