DxO One Version 1.2 software extends shutter speed to 30s-1/20,000s (from 15s-1/8,000s) via a free update that also allows full manual control of aperture, ISO and white balance. DxO also points out that selfies are now possible using every capture setting and mode, including high-quality video. The software update for the £449 camera is due out in early December. For details visit https://www.dxo.com/us/dxo-one

Press release
PARIS and SAN FRANCISCO —November 24th, 2015 — DxO announced today the availability of the first major software update for the award-winning DxO ONE Professional Quality Connected Camera. The DxO ONE app version 1.2 will be available early December via the iTunes App Store, and will introduce new camera controls based on direct feedback from DxO’s rapidly expanding community of photographers. Version 1.2 makes the DxO ONE camera even more powerful, including new ways to view and interact with advanced photo info, and provides more control over the entire photo and video capture process including via a companion Apple Watch app. The DxO ONE connected camera is now also available in select Apple retail stores nationwide, as well as on Apple’s online store.

‘Using the camera has become second nature to me — it’s crazy good. I never imagined standing in a pit lane at a major motorsports event and immediately being able to provide a PR rep images of his team’s pit stop literally seconds after the car pulled away,’ said John Thawley, whose images have been featured in print for companies such as Ferrari, Jaguar, Lexus, and Maserati. ‘I’ve been equally impressed with the DxO team and their responsiveness to feedback and suggestions. It’s nice working with a company that is listening, and I can’t wait to see what the DxO ONE team does next.’

The way you interact with the DxO ONE is even better, thanks to new features that let users get instant access to advanced capture parameters and photo information with a simple swipe. Continuous shooting offers users the ability to shoot several photos in a row by simply depressing the shutter button. The manual focus mode now provides one tap access to hyper-focal distance, and the ability to reposition the magnification loupe for critical focusing. At the request of pro photographers, the shutter speed range has been expanded for capturing even faster motion (1/20,000) and longer low-light exposures (30s). Users can now capture high-quality video with full manual control of aperture, ISO, white balance and more. DxO ONE selfies are now available in every capture setting and mode, including the ability to record high quality video selfies, ready to share with the world. There’s even a new companion app that lets users remotely trigger a DxO ONE camera with their Apple Watch.

The image scientists, engineers, and designers at DxO are committed to refining the connected camera experience. This relentless pursuit of perfection has been aided by the generous outpouring of support and direction provided by DxO ONE photographers, many of whom, like John Thawley, are established and respected members of the professional community. Thanks to this tight feedback loop, DxO ONE owners can expect to receive a regular cadence of exciting new features in the months and years to come.

Pricing and availability

The DxO ONE Professional Quality Connected Camera is available for purchase at dxo.com and photo retailers for a price of £449 (including VAT). Purchase price includes DxO FilmPack Elite, and for a limited time, DxO OpticsPro Elite (a £258 value).

The DxO ONE iOS app update, and companion Apple Watch app will both be available as free downloads via the iTunes App Store early December. New firmware, also available at the same time