Photographers and stargazers were treated to a chance to see the moon larger and brighter due to December’s supermoon phenomenon.

The occurance happens when a full moon or a new moon coincides with the moon’s closest approach to earth on its elliptical orbit.

While there have been a few glimpses of full moons in 2017, this was the most impressive and also the last opportunity to see it this year.

There were plenty of clouds out to distract photographers, but a number of you managed to exercise patience and frozen fingers to capture the all important shots.

After reading our dedicated guide on shooting the moon, we asked you to share your best photographs. See a selection of our favourite photos in the gallery below.

Credit: Amanda Threlfall

Amanda Threlfall captured this image of the supermoon in Severn Beach in South Gloucestershire, England on Monday (December 4) morning.

Credit: Malcolm Bawn

Malcolm Bawn managed to snap this image of the supermoon and the North Shields lighthouse from South Shields.

Credit: Joyce Watts

Joyce Watts snapped the supermoon on Saturday (December 2) in St. Michael in Minnesota, United States of America.

Credit: Chuck Nadeau

This image was captured on Sunday, December 3 in Providence in Rhode Island, United States of America by Chuck Nadeau.

Credit: Pedro Esteves

Pedro Esteves took this photo of the supermoon rising between two towers in Portugal.

Credit: Pedro Esteves

Esteves also managed to capture this sunrise image in Portugal.

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