[Photo: R Sibley]

A club spokesman told Amateur Photographer (AP): ‘The decision has been taken following complaints from our supporters and on the grounds of safety.’

The confirmation followed the club’s response to an emailed complaint posted on Twitter yesterday by a member of Spur’s customer service team, which read: ‘Thank you for your email to the Club.

‘Upon review, “selfie sticks” have now been banned from entering White Hart Lane.

‘All stewards will be briefed prior to the next Home fixture.

‘Your comments have been noted and are appreciated and we thank you for taking the time to write to us with your view.’

When approached by AP, Spurs seemed surprised by the media attention that followed news of the ban, suggesting that the gadgets are already banned at most Premier League football clubs.

Selfie-sticks are proving increasingly popular with tourists, who use them for capturing self-portraits at key visitor attractions worldwide.

• Meanwhile, selfie-stick sellers face hefty fines in South Korea if they fail to register the devices, according to media reports published last month.

The law applies to selfie-sticks with built-in Bluetooth technology, which allows the user to fire the shutter on an attached camera phone, wirelessly.

There are concerns that unregistered gadgets interfere with other electronic devices using the same radio frequencies.

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