Legendary spy camera maker Minox has released a special version of the LX, a subminiature camera that produces 8x11mm exposures on 9.5mm film.

The original LX was first produced in 1978. The new version ? handmade in Wetzlar, Germany ? has been made to mark the 100th birthday of Walter Zapp who invented the first Minox camera in the 1930s and later founded Minox GmbH Wetzlar. Zapp was born on 4 September 1905 and died on 17 July 2003 aged 97.

The new LX camera costs £999 and boasts a ?high-gloss chrome finish?. It is engraved on the back to mark the centenary and comes in a leather case with subminiature film and battery pack, along with a commemorative medal which features a portrait of Walter Zapp.

The cameras are being built to order, according to Minox UK product coordinator Dave Morgan who told us that delivery time is three weeks from the order date.

To order call Minox UK Ltd on 01367 243535. For details of Minox products and a history of Minox see www.minox.com