On 19 January, Sony’s US office issued a statement which read: ‘Unfortunately, we have found that in rare bright conditions, some of our DSC-RX1RM2 cameras may produce image files with unwanted light.’

The potential glitch only affects certain serial numbers and Sony has pledged to provide a free inspection and service. Sony urges customers to check if their camera’s serial number falls between 6310198 and 6311127.

It is not clear whether cameras shipped to the UK have been affected.

Sony UK’s office said it was not able to comment on the amount of shipments or affected units.

A Sony UK spokesperson added: ‘When shooting with extremely bright light – on the built-in viewfinder side (i.e. the left side of the camera when viewed from behind) – certain shooting scenes may cause unwanted light to appear in the bottom right corner of an image.

‘We believe that this symptom may occur only under extremely rare shooting conditions.

‘We will repair the customer’s camera free of charge as necessary after a free-of-charge inspection.’

First announced last October, as a camera delivering the ‘highest image quality’ of any Sony compact, the 42.4-million-pixel full-frame model boasts a retractable OLED viewfinder.

Features also include a 35mm f/2 Zeiss Sonnar T* lens and a ‘30%’ faster AF.

The RX1R II cost £2,600 when it went on sale.

The camera’s optical variable low-pass filter can be set to ‘off’, ‘standard’ or ‘high’, based on user preference.

For further details visit https://esupport.sony.com/US/p/support-contacts.pl?mdl=DSCRX1RM2

Statement in full, as posted on the Sony US website on 19 January:

Thank you for being a loyal Sony customer. We work hard to ensure your experience with our products and services exceeds your expectations.

Unfortunately we have found that in rare bright conditions, some of our DSC-RX1RM2 cameras may produce image files with unwanted light.

If you experience this problem and your camera falls within the serial range listed below, please contact us at 1-239-245-6360 for a free inspection and service. Please note this free inspection is available until March 31, 2018. If your serial number does not fall within this range, we can assure you that your camera will not present the symptom described above.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you may experience.

Digital Still Camera DSC-RX1RM2 – Affected Serial Numbers
Some products with serial number from 6310198 to 6311127