In welcome news for photographers who shoot with a mix of camera and flash brands, an update to the Cactus Imaging V6 flash transceiver has been revealed at 2016’s Photography Show this weekend.

Back in 2014, when we reviewed the original Cactus V6 flash transceiver, we were big fans. Many photographers have switched to mirrorless systems and although these offer a great range of lenses and accessories, much of the proprietary flash kit is very poor, prompting users to flock to the original V6 for more options.

Now in development, the Cactus V6 Mk II looks to be even better – featuring the addition of high-speed sync for all your action and wildlife photography needs, a brand new auto-detect system to help streamline its use and a string of design upgrades.

In even better news for Sony fans, a version dubbed the V6 Mk II S is in development that will support cameras with the new Sony hotshoe – meaning users will soon be able to use other brands of flashgun on their Alpha systems.

According to Cactus, the device is expected in June, so we’re looking forward to getting our hands on it. Watch this space.

Check out the video above of us getting a first peek at the Cactus V6 Mk II