Skylum has updated its Luminar Neo AI-driven photo editing app (to version 1.0.6) with the addition of AI-powered masks that analyse all of the elements in an image and automatically identify them as separate elements.

The news comes just under three months after Skylum launched the AI-driven Luminar Neo as the successor to its Luminar AI software.

The new MaskAI feature within Luminar Neo removes the need to manually mask subjects within an image.

The ‘powerful neural network’ behind MaskAI is said to be able to detect up to nine separate elements within an image: people, skies, architecture, transportation, water, flora, mountains, natural ground and artificial ground.

Then you can automatically mask the desired area with one click and easily copy and paste mask adjustments.

Mask AI in Mountains setting

Mask AI in Mountains setting

AI learning

Skylum claims that as the AI learns it will be able to identify and isolate more elements within your pictures.

Despite adding AI ability the Mask tool within Luminar Neo still maintains its manual masking tools of Paint, Radial, and Gradient masks, which can be used to compensate for imperfections, or when the feature can’t properly identify an element.

The feature also enables the user to show, fill, clear, copy, paste or invert the detected mask as well.

Mask AI in Sky setting in Luminar Neo

Mask AI in Sky setting in Luminar Neo

Custom overlays

MaskAI can also be used to create custom overlays that can be made available through the Luminar Marketplace.

The Marketplace consists of a vast library of free and paid content and can be accessed directly from within the software interface.

Skylum positions it as a way for content creators to have another tool for making passive and ancillary income on the content they create.

The Luminar Neo 1.0.6 update also includes Histogram for all of your images, so you can press the J hotkey to toggle clipping indicators on and off and see clipped pixels.

Skylum says the Neo update also incorporates 10 key bug fixes and the Ukraine-based company noted, ‘We’re proud of this update, which was brought to you from a war zone. Have fun with it!’

Mask AI in Road setting in Luminar Neo

Mask AI in Road setting in Luminar Neo

Features & availability

Skylum’s original Luminar Neo app offered features such as Relight AI, Powerline Removal, Dust Spot Removal and faster image editing workflows.

The Luminar Neo Update 1.0.6 is available now from the Skylum website and through various app stores, including macOS Store and Microsoft Store.

It’s also available as a plug-in for Lightroom Classic and Photoshop and as an extension for Apple Photos.

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