Pentax owner Ricoh appears to be sticking with the DSLR come what may, and has released a limited-edition silver version of its flagship K-1 Mark II camera. The body and the detachable battery grip feature a high-grade silver coating, with a silver SR badge on the front. Each camera has been given a unique serial number, from 0000001 to 0001000. The camera still features a couple of black parts, namely the shutter release button and the hot shoe, and the silver edition will come in a special box. Only 1000 units will be released worldwide.

Three silver editions of Pentax ‘Star’ lenses have also been released: the D FA 50mm F1.4 SDM AW, the D FA 70-200mm F2.8ED DC AW and the D FA 85mm F1.4ED SDM AW. Only 600 units of each of the silver lenses will be released, and again, each will have a unique serial number.

The silver edition of the K-1 Mark II goes onsale 25th September and costs £1,899.99. The 50mm special-edition lens costs £1,199.99 and the 70-200mm £2,299.99, and both will also go onsale on 25th September; the silver-edition 85mm, meanwhile, will go onsale in January for £1,999.99. Exact date to be confirmed. See here for more details.