Sigma’s flagship SD1 DSLR will cost £6,199.99 when it goes on sale next month.

First announced last year, the 46-million-pixel DSLR is billed as Sigma’s most sophisticated SD camera yet.

The SD1 will be the sixth Sigma camera to use the Foveon X3-type imaging sensor.

It uses an APS-C sized sensor and is equipped with 15.3 million pixels, each with three photosites buried at different depths in the silicon structure of the sensor.

The camera’s sensor contains 4800×3200 pixels in a space measuring 24x16mm.

This new Foveon X3 sensor is larger than the 20.7×13.8mm unit used in previous Sigma SD cameras, and will take the focal length magnification factor from the Sigma’s usual 1.7x to the more standard 1.5x used by other APS-C camera manufacturers.

In a move away from industry trends, Sigma has switched the storage medium of its latest DSLR to CompactFlash, from the SD-type cards used in the SD15.

Sigma SD1 details HERE