Carlos Clarke Peep Show

Picture credit: The Estate of Bob Carlos Clarke

Crowds have flocked to a gallery in a posh part of London after it blacked out its windows and now looks more like a ?sex shop?.

The Little Black Gallery in Chelsea has reported a busy first week since opening its latest showcase of work by the late Bob Carlos Clarke.

The exhibition, called Peep Show, has managed to escape visits by police which hit a similar show last year after complaints from locals about the sexual content of the photos.

Keen to avoid a repeat of such criticism, this time round gallery bosses blacked out the windows – leaving potential viewers with just three peep holes.

?We didn?t want to upset the neighbours,? the gallery?s director Ghislain Pascal told Amateur Photographer.

?They are a sensitive lot – and there?s a school down the road.?

It seems business is booming as a result.

The ‘one-way glass’ now makes the gallery ?look like a sex shop in the middle of Chelsea?, Pascal explained.

?We have had a great first week? with a lot of people peering through the peep holes.?

He added: ?A couple of people have even complained that the peep holes are too high.?

Last year Carlos Clarke?s show, Full Throttle, caused controversy when local residents complained that ?pornographic images? were on display in the window of the gallery and could be seen from the road outside.

Police warned owners that the exhibition may be in breach of the Public Order Act.

Ghislain Pascal opened The Little Black Gallery in 2008 with Lindsey Carlos Clarke, the photographer?s widow, and the celebrity Tamara Beckwith.

Peep Show runs until 14 May.

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