Schneider lensGerman lens maker Schneider has launched three new tilt-and-shift lenses which are now available in the UK.

Designed for use on DSLRs is the 50mm Schneider PC-TS Super-Angulon f/2.8 HM, which costs around £2,379, and the 90mm Schneider PC-TS Makro-Symmar f/4 HM, priced £2,250, according to UK importer Robert White.

A spokesman added: ?Each lens has HM (High Modulation) optics and a built-in PC-TS system, giving the photographer the ability to use tilt and shift movements in their images, controlling depth of field and perspective for technical corrections and creative imagery.

‘These lenses are perfect for all types of photography but are especially useful for product and macro work.?

The DSLR lenses will be available in Nikon, Canon, Pentax K and Sony DSLR fits.

Also available is a 120mm Makro Symmar PC-TS HM f/5.6 for the Mamiya/Phase One system, priced around £3,284.

Schneider lensSchneider lens