Samsung NX200 sample photo gallery

Amateur Photographer has been given an exclusive opportunity to try out a pre-production Samsung NX200 with a set of the new NX lenses: the 16mm pancake, the 60mm macro and the 18-200mm zoom. The images below have been taken to give an initial idea of what the camera and optics are capable of in very low light conditions. Later we’ll add to the gallery with images taken in daylight and in normal conditions. Samsung tell us the camera is not 100% finished and that the image quality may not reflect that which final models will produce.

Station entrance: 16mm f/2.8 and 1/40sec at ISO 1600 – great shallow depth of field even in a lens as wide as 16mm. On the APS-C sensor this focal length equates to about 24mm in 35mm terms

Bikes: 60mm f/2.8 and 1/20sec at ISO 1600 – the 60mm lens acts as you would expect a 90mm to on a 35mm camera. It is a macro lens of course, but promises to work nicely for portraits too

On the phone: 30mm pancake f/2.8 and 1/160sec at ISO 12800 – this is the camera’s maximum ISO setting, and while there is certainly noise in evidence it is well controlled and surprisingly light for the conditions. As with previous NX models the NX200 seems to concentrate on removing colour noise over luminance, thus preserving detail and resolution

Cropped version of above to show noise levels in more detail

Classic colour mode: 16mm f/2.8 and 1/13sec at ISO 1600 – Samsung’s Classic colour mode produces nice black and white tones straight from the camera

A 7 frames per second sequence. A static subject, I know, but the camera had no bother firing at its max full resolution rate

60mm macro lenses are also good for portraits. When fitted on an APS-C sensor 60mm acts as a 90mm – which is ideal for head and shoulders shots. ISO 100 and f/4

This is a 100% pull up from the portrait. It shows plenty of detail and good sharpness

60mm macro f/25 and 3 seconds at ISO 100. Long exposure noise seems well controlled, and the lens appears to perform well even when closed very close to its minimum f/32 aperture

60mm macro at maximum magnification and closest focus

60mm macro at f/16 and 4 seconds

Shot the 16mm lens set to f/16, ISO 1600

18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 at the widest end

18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 at the longest end

The camera set to ISO 1600 using the existing 30mm lens at f/2.8

The 200mm end of the 18-200mm lens, set to f/16 with the camera at 1/500sec and ISO 200. Good clear performance shooting into the light

The 18-200mm lens set to 40mm. Showing a bit of curvilinear distortion, but no more than should be expected from a 11x zoom lens

18-200mm, at 130mm, f/6.3 and ISO 400. Again, into the light and performing without any obvious flare

You can see larger versions of these images in our

Samsung NX200 sample photo gallery

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