The world?s press claim to have struck an agreement with organisers of the Rugby World Cup, ensuring that the media retains copyright in photographs and the right to sell images to the public.

The move follows a row that broke out with the International Rugby Board (IRB) over press coverage of the tournament, which is taking place in France.

?The IRB changed the terms and conditions after intervention of the media coalition which included a boycott of pre-match events by the global news agencies and others,? said the World Association of Newspapers (WAN), one of the coalition members, in a statement.

Claiming that the IRB has ?backed down on press restrictions?, WAN points out: ?The restrictions imposed by sports organisers on news media are contained in terms and conditions that journalists and photographers are compelled to sign to gain admission to sports events.?

Among the conditions the IRB has seemingly kicked into touch, is one that insists media bodies ?get permission from rugby officials before sales of photographs could be made to the public?.

Also dropped is a condition that rugby organisers would have ?the right to use any photograph taken at the tournament for non-commercial, promotional purposes (a clear violation of copyright?.

As part of the agreement the media will ?adhere to a 200 photograph per match limit for websites during matches.?

According to WAN, rugby officials had originally proposed a 14 photo limit per match.

AP reported the controversy earlier this year. See here: Rugby World Cup photo row.

The World Association of Newspapers is based in Paris and represents 18,000 newspapers worldwide.