Hugo Burnand, the photographer who is reported to have been chosen as the official photographer for the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, has appointed an agent after being inundated with media enquiries worldwide.

The announcement will fuel speculation that the Royal Family is poised to officially name Burnand as the photographer for the couple’s big day on 29 April.

‘As I am sure you understand, we have been inundated with media requests from all over the world,’ Burnand’s secretary, Tara Dudley Smith, wrote in an email to Amateur Photographer last night.

‘As a result we have appointed an agent.’

Last month Clarence House would neither confirm nor deny reports that Burnand has been chosen as the official photographer.

Two British newspapers have claimed that Burnand, who took the official photos of Prince Charles’ wedding to Camilla, has been handed the commission.

London’s Evening Standard reported that Burnand’s ‘discretion, spontaneity and charm’ is favoured by the Royal Family.

Speaking today, a spokeswoman for Clarence House told us: ‘There will be an announcement in due course but we are not sure when exactly.’

Burnand’s agent was not available for comment at the time of writing.

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