Rotolight has introduced two new kits to take advantage of the upsurge of interest in vlogging (video blogging) and video conferencing as the virus changes how groups of people meet and interact. The kits include Rotolight’s current LR48 and Neo 2 LED lights.

First up is the Ultimate Vlogging Kit (above), comprising the Rotolight RL48 ring-light, a mini tripod and universal smartphone mount. The light is battery powered, which greatly adds to the kit’s versatility – you can use it on a desk, handheld or on the move.

The Rotolight Video Conferencing Kit (above) is more business orientated and includes the Rotolight Neo 2 LED light and a desk stand. The NEO 2 can also run off AA batteries or from the mains, and you an easily adjust brightness and colour temperature.The Ultimate Vlogging Kit goes onsale for £89.99 and the Video Conferencing Kit retails for £249.99. Onsale now from Rotolight and from distributors