Rotolight has announced a new LED light called the Titan X1, aimed a both professional film makers and photographers. The light, which is designed for both studio and location work, features the world’s first electronic diffusion technology, control diffusion, focus and spread without the need for gels, whilst a full-colour touchscreen display saves time on set. The Titan X1 follows on from the Titan X2 which was awarded ‘Best Lighting Innovation’ by Pro Moviemaker Magazine.

For photographers, the new unit includes the world’s first High Speed Sync RGB flash (up to 1/8000th), delivering a powerful output and zero recycle time. “Shoot at any colour temperature across the CCT spectrum (3000-10,000 Kelvin) for a significant performance boost over continuous light output,” said a spokesperson. “Alternatively for the first time, flash in any one of Titan’s 16.7 million RGB colours or 1400 industry standard filters, for the ultimate in creative/fill/hair lighting effects and enhanced battery performance.”

The SmartSoft technology, which Rotolight describes as a revolution in lighting control, electronically adjusts the Titan X1’s diffusion, focus and spread without the need for gels. The Rotolight Titan X1 is available for pre-order now from Rotolight and other retailers, and will begin shipping later this month. You can save up to £600 on the regular retail price with launch promotions starting from £2399, valid until December 31st 2020.

Check out this YouTube video featuring music photographer and videographer, Peter Neill, who shows the Titan X1 in action.