The Rotolight Anova Pro 2 delivers 10,700 lux at 3ft

British-LED lighting manufacturer Rotolight has announced its latest continuous light and High Speed Sync (HSS) flash – the Anova Pro 2.

Hailed as one of the brightest LED lights ever launched in its class, the Anova Pro 2 delivers 10,700 lux at 3ft.

Now in its fourth generation, the Anova Pro 2 is aimed primarily at professional photographers, film and television producers.

It offers 70% more power output than its predecessor, with energy-efficient LED panels designed to keep running costs low and battery performance high.

Highly accurate colour reproduction is promised, which eliminates or reduces the need for expensive post-production.

Mark Mann’s photo of Benedict Cumberbatch taken using the Rotolight Anova system

There is also electronically adjustable colour temperature in both flash and continuous modes.

Despite the performance increase, the Anova Pro 2 is the same size as the previous model.

For professional photographers, there’s an updated HSS flash capability (1/8,000th), with a 250% power boost in flash mode.

There’s also zero recycle time, making it ideal for working with cameras capable of a high frame rate.

The Anova Pro 2 can be simultaneously a continuous ‘modelling light’ and HSS flash, which is useful for acquiring focus in low light before taking your shot.

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In addition the circular shape of the unit promises to produce a soft, flattering output, with a catchlight effect in the subject’s eyes.

Photographer Mark Mann, who has photographed numerous celebrities including Benedict Cumberbatch, said of the Anova system: “I’ve shot strobe my entire career, and had always been intrigued by continuous light – but I never found any I liked until [I used] the Rotolight Anova.

“The quality of light is absolutely beautiful, it gives you a very filmic feel.”

The Rotolight Anova Pro 2 is due to go on sale in December 2017, priced from £1,249, excluding VAT.

It will ship with an integrated DMX, V-lock battery plate, wireless Elinchrom receiver and four-piece filter kit as standard.

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