Rotolight has announced a new series of exclusive UK Photowalks and Lighting Masterclasses for photography enthusiasts, which will be led by the acclaimed commercial photographer Sam Nash.

The events, which start in London with a Photowalk on 5 March and a Masterclass on 6 March 2022, will offer participants the opportunity to get hands-on with the award-winning Rotolight AEOS 2 and NEO 3 RGBWW LED lights and with expert advice on hand from Nash. As well as visiting towns and cities in England the tour will also take in locations in Wales and Scotland.

Sam Nash hosting a previous Rotolight event

Sam Nash pictured whilst hosting a previous Rotolight event

Nash is an award-winning, freelance photographer with over 15 years of experience in the fields of fashion, portrait photography and videography. He has worked for clients, including Vogue and Audi, and has shot high profile events such as London Fashion Week. He is known for his adroit technical and editing skills and is well versed in working with a wide variety of cameras, lenses and lighting equipment.

Photowalks & Masterclasses

The Rotolight Photowalk experience will deliver inspiration, education and insight, with professional models and Nash’s expert tuition to help guests to improve their knowledge of the fundamentals of lighting, including composition, posing models, model directing and more.

One of Sam Nash's images from a previous Masterclass, shot using a Rotolight set-up

One of Sam Nash’s images, shot using a Rotolight set-up

All of the Lighting Masterclasses are open to photographers of all abilities, from amateurs to professionals, but it’s advised to book quickly as limited places are available for the sessions. They will include working with professional models and Rotolight’s award-winning range of lights. Nash will work closely with the attendees to help with their individual development and knowledge at each of the events. He’ll help photographers to discover the limitless possibilities of mastering LED lighting and mirrorless cameras, whilst developing an in-depth understanding of skills, techniques, and processes in professional photography.

Nash explained, ‘I’m very excited about the UK tour because I can finally show everyone the power, portability and creative options the new Rotolight AEOS 2 and NEO 3 provide, which have changed my photography. When you come on this tour, you’ll learn how to master your lighting, posing and more to take your photography to the next level. Mastering your lighting is essential to the story-telling experience!’

Masterclass topics

Sam Nash’s Rotolight Masterclasses will cover:

• Single and multiple light setups using LED continuous light and HSS flash.

• How to use RGB colours and digital filters to enhance your creative possibilities.

• How to direct and pose models.

• Mastering aperture, shutter speed and ISO settings.

• Understanding Composition and how to project emotion through story-telling… and more.

On the morning of each Masterclass will start with technique and theory and the day will progress into an afternoon of shooting to apply what attendees have learnt. Lunch and refreshments provided.

The event schedule

The Rotolight UK tour schedule with Sam Nash is as follows:

• London (in association with Park Cameras & Sony): 5 March, Photowalk; 6 March, Masterclass.

• Carmarthen (in association with Carmarthen Cameras): 12 March, Photowalk; 13 March, Masterclass.

• London (in association with WEX): 19 March, Photowalk; 20 March, Masterclass.

• Manchester (in association with WEX):  26 March, Photowalk; 27 March, Masterclass

• Brighton (in association with Park Cameras & Sony): 2 April, Photowalk; 3 April, Masterclass.

• Bristol (in association with London Camera Exchange): 9 April, Photowalk; 10 April, Masterclass.

• Leeds (in association with WEX & Sony): 16 April, Photowalk; 17 April: Masterclass.

• Edinburgh (in association with WEX & Sony): 23 April, Photowalk; 24 April, Masterclass.

• Newcastle (in association with WEX & Sony): 30 April, Photowalk; 1 May, Masterclass.

Booking online

If you want to book on any of the Rotolight Photowalks and/or Masterclasses just go to Sam Nash UK Tour with Rotolight

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