Made by his London Stereoscopic Company, Brian May has adapted the OWL Stereo Viewer, used by stereoscopic enthusiasts since 2009 to view Victorian stereo cards, to accept any type of smartphone.

The OWL VR Kit enables the user to view images taken by the user and then converted for 3D viewing using existing apps, view existing 3D content available online, as well as other VR material, such as films or concerts.

Priced £25, and due out in June, the collapsible device makes use of ‘high-quality’ lenses and adjustable focus.

It also allows the viewer to access their smartphone controls, even when attached to the viewer.

Launching the kit today in central London, May said: ‘Virtual reality has taken the consumer electronics world by storm over recent months and masses of content is now rapidly becoming available.

‘However, until now, users have had the choice of an expensive VR viewer that puts it out of reach of many people or a very low-cost alternative that just doesn’t do the format justice.’

He added: ‘The OWL Smartphone Kit changes all that; for a very modest outlay, anyone can now enjoy the VR experience, and gain access to the fascinating world of stereoscopy.

‘Plus, with the apps that are available for smartphones, it’s now possible to take your own 3D images and enjoy them instantly using this simple OWL Kit.’


Brian May presents the new 3D viewer at the Dolby offices in London [© C Cheesman]


[© C Cheesman]

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