The Reddit protest that has already seen many communities going dark may extend past its original Wednesday end date, with Reddit community moderators planning to keep their subreddits private or restricted ‘indefinitely’ in response to Reddit’s expensive API pricing. User and moderator for r/ModCoord SpicyThunder335 has invited moderators to share pledges to keep the protests going. At the time of writing around 7,000 of the 8,829 subreddits that went dark on 12 June have pledged to continue.

This comes after an internal Monday memo from Reddit CEO Steve Huffman to Reddit staff, obtained by The Verge, said that this protest, which began and briefly crashed the site on Monday, was expected to pass and that ‘more is needed for Reddit to act.’

The popular r/photography subreddit is among those that have gone dark, as well as r/AskPhotography, r/Cameras and r/Analog. This reddark_247 Twitch stream is currently showing a live count of which subreddits have gone dark and among other popular subreddits that have pledged to remain dark are r/awwr/music, and r/videos.

Reddit initially announced that it would be changing its API pricing in April. It said that the changes would be a way to make money from companies using Reddit data to train AI tools. Since then, third-party app developers of apps like Apollo for Reddit have announced that they will have to shut down on 30 June, one day before the new pricing is supposed to go into effect.

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